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At we offer several methods of payment so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

Payment by Credit Card
Once all of the information regarding your purchase has been confirmed, a new page will appear allowing you to enter your payment details. This online payment will be sent through the Payment Gateway for the savings bank, who will ensure the security of the transaction. The information will be sent directly to its unattended automatic central payment verification server via secure SSL data transmission channels, without any of your information being disclosed to either our staff or others. For more detailed information on the security of our web, visit the “Security of payments” section. Your credit card will be charged as soon as your payment details have been verified by the bank. The following credit cards may be used: Visa and MasterCard.

Bank Transfer
With this payment method you can pay for your purchase by bank transfer, depositing the full amount for the order into any of the bank accounts that SIRKOM holds in EU. These account numbers will be given at the end of the purchase operation. For orders made outside of Germany the necessary IBAN and SIC / SWIFT CODE codes will also be given.
To speed up the process and ensure the transfers are received from abroad, you must provide the BIC and IBAN issuing codes.
In order to facilitate the international transfers and avoid extra fees in the process, please provide the BIC code and the IBAN to the issuer.
It is very important that in the SENDER field you write the reference code for the order, which you will also be given during the checkout process.
You have a period of 7 working days to arrange the transfer after having placed your order. Once we receive confirmation from our bank of the deposit, we will proceed to activate your order.


At your security is our main concern, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that our online security measures protect and safeguard all the information that you provide us with. We also want you to be completely satisfied with your purchases, consequently we ofer you the following guarantees:

Privacy policy:
At we are committed to protecting your privacy and under no circumstances will we ever sell, market or rent your personal information to third parties.

Secure shopping guarantee:
The data that you provide us with are encrypted using advanced security systems, this makes it impossible to decipher or access its content while it travels through the network. In addition to this, an icon appears at the bottom of your screen to inform you that the server’s SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is enabled. For more detailed information on the security of our web, visit the “Security of Payments” section.

Secure shopping guarantee:
Payment for your online order is sent through the payment gateway for the savings bank, who send the information directly to its unattended automatic central payment verification server via secure SSL data transmission channels, without any of your information being disclosed to either our staff or others.

Total satisfaction guarantee:
You have the right to return the goods purchased within seven days of their delivery. Similarly, and because is an online shop, you also have the opportunity to make your purchases or check our site at any time of the day or night. If, for any reason, you still feel uncomfortable about sending your personal details across the internet, you can fax or phone at +49 (0)151 14375754. Please remember that we are also at your full disposal via our email address: for any doubt, query, explanation you may have or to send us suggestions that will help to improve this site or the services we offer.


At our prime objective is to ensure that from the very outset our web site is as safe and secure as possible, and to achieve this we employ the latest tools available on the market to safeguard and encrypt information. Our servers have the following systems installed:

Secure online payment protection:
This guarantees that each and every payment you make is 100% secure. Any online financial transaction will be sent through the Payment Gateway for the savings bank, who will ensure the security of the transaction. The information will be sent directly to its unattended automatic central payment verification server via secure SSL data transmission channels, without any of your information being disclosed to either our staff or others, save for a small reference number that tells us the payment has been cleared for purchase.

Our system structure:
In order to offer our customers greater security and assurances, management of the data that contain the information referring to the store, and those that contain the sale services themselves, are located in separate locations within the server, consequently all transfers corresponding to the update of the data base is carried out in an independent way.

Use of security tools and technology:
We have installed SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) software on our servers, being one of the most widely used standards on the Internet as well as the most recommended for ecommerce and online payment transactions. This system sets up a secure communications channel between the server and the client, so that all information travelling in both directions along the said channel (personal data, credit card numbers, etc.) is encrypted, making it impossible to read the data as they are transferred between one server and another via the network. As soon as you open a secure page, e.g. to pay for your purchase, your web browser will inform you that SSL server security is active by displaying an icon of a locked padlock at the bottom of the screen.


At we want to give you peace of mind that your purchases are made with all of the necessary guarantees, this is why it seems essential to implement a series of measures to ensure that you feel comfortable when you are on our site, offering you the following features which we hope will boost your sensation of confidence and security toward our web site.


At we want you to be sure that our products are of the highest quality and fully guaranteed, this is why we offer all of our customers the right to return their purchases within seven days after having received them. To avail yourself of this service, you should get in touch with us via the email address or on the telephone number +49 (0)151 14375754, where we will explain the steps to follow.

Privacy Commitment:
All information that you provide to the company SIRKOM via its website will only be used to offer you a better, more efficient service, it will never be sold, rented or otherwise made available to any third party. This is the commitment that we have with you so that you feel comfortable and secure from the very start. Your data will be included in our database, however you can request that these can be erased at any time and trust us to do so. To do this you should get in touch with our customer services at the email address

All your material with unmatched convenience:
You can make your purchases at at any time of the day or night, given that our website is open 24 hours per day. You can also check all of the information about our products directly from your computer without having to travel anywhere. Products can be paid for by either bank transfer or credit card. If you experience any problems when placing your order, you can always complete the order via our email or by telephone.

Internet credit card payments:
The use of credit cards has become one of the simplest, fastest and most convenient means of paying for online purchases. If you decide to pay with credit card when placing an order at, all you have to do is fill in a form which will ask you for the card number, expiry date and name of card holder, and this will complete the purchase transaction. Remember that none of this information ever passed onto staff, being sent instead directly through a secure SSL connection to the Bank’s Virtual PST where the transaction is either cleared or rejected.

Secure shopping guarantee:
We want to assure you that any transaction you make at is 100% secure. SIRKOM is aware of the concern you may have regarding the security and privacy of the information you provide us with via the Internet, which is why our main priority from the very outset is to offer you a secure system and to assure you that our online security measures are based on the latest tools and technology to protect your information. We have also prepared some basic guidelines for you that may help further protect your information on Internet.
We hope that once you feel sure that the methods we use to guarantee the security and privacy of your transactions are our maximum concern, you will know that the online transactions you carry out with us are as safe for you as they are for us.

1. Data encryption
If you use a web browser with a version later than: Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.1 or Firefox 1.0, you should know that your browser includes encryption and security functions to handle information that may potentially compromise you privacy, for example when submitting your personal data, credit card number, etc.
The information that you send us relating to your purchase will be encrypted so that even if it is intercepted it will be extremely difficult to decipher. Our virtual shop employs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to allow all sensitive information to be encrypted. You should also know that on the website for your particular browser you can find upgrades that will enhance the security of such information by increasing encryption levels, this is why we recommend regularly checking for security upgrades for your browser.

2. Browser security indicators.
Whenever you are on a page that uses an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data encryption security system, your browser will inform you that you are on a “secure” page by displaying an onscreen dialogue box. If this window does not appear then probably you have already told your browser that you did not want to see this message again. If you wish to reactivate it, go to your browser’s security settings and activate the option that warns you when you enter an encrypted page.
In addition to the dialogue box, an icon of either a key or closed padlock (depending on the browser) will appear at the bottom of the browser window, indicating that SSL security is now active. If you double click on his icon it will display the information associated with the security connection, such as the name of the company that has issued the security certificate, who authorises the certificate, expiry date, etc.
If your browser does not offer these security features or, if for any reason, you still feel uncomfortable about sending your data across the internet, please phone us at +49 (0)151 14375754 to complete your order.

3. Committed to your privacy.
SIRKOM views the right to privacy as one of our main imperatives, consequently we promise to keep your personal information in the strictest confidence.
Whenever a customer places an order, certain information such as name, surname, shipping and email address and payment details will be necessary. This information is essential in order to process your order and to allow you to track your order at any time.
Based your purchase history we can gauge your tastes and personalise our offers to make them more interesting for you.
We can also use your contact address to keep you up to date with our latest additions and special offers as well as other promotions at our website. If you do not wish to receive this information, please tell us by emailing our customer services department at
Use of our web page implies that you consent to the collection and processing of your information for the purposes of SIRKOM If any changes are made to our privacy policy we will announce it on this page so that the users remained fully informed about such.


At we are aware that reliable distribution of the material you request from us is one aspect where we can do better than our direct competitors, this is why we want to promise you that, so long as it is possible, we will deliver your orders to your home or chosen shipping address within 48 hours and without having to pay for postage and packaging because WE PAY IT! As long as the sum of your order amounts to more than €100 net. And the shipping address is within Germany.
Your chosen items will be shipped by a leading national transport companies
Similarly, you do not have to worry about the weight or size of your order because we also pay these costs too. If you are still not sure of the facts, we will repeat it for you; apart from the unbeatable prices you can find on our website, shipment is completely free!.
For further information about shipment of orders, email us at:

(*) Tariffs for non-free shipments (orders amounting to less than €100 or international shipments) can be found in the “Shipping costs” section which appears on the screen at the end of the purchase procedure.

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