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If you are interested in forming part of our Professional Distribution Channel and would like to receive, as a registered user, information about special prices at up to 60% discount on the RRP prices shown on our website, contact us by filling in the form below and we will get in touch with you within a few days.

Registered User and Distributor Application Form

VAT Nº * E-mail*
Province* Town*
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Which of our product lines are you interested in marketing or installing?*
Home Automation Control Sys. Lighting Audio Video Digital Signage Security

*Please email us at the following address enclosing a copy of the documents from the company: EU-VAT, Company Registration.

Partnerships and commercial agreements

At SIRKOM we know full well that every business agreement makes us stronger and this signifies added value for our services that can be passed on directly to our customers. We continue working to strike up business partnerships with leading companies who can provide added value to our products and a global presence for our services.

We strongly believe in the quality of our products and the services that we offer, but we also recognise the importance of working with other companies that can help us to achieve the standards of quality and delivery times we have set as a prime target at SIRKOM in order to give our customers the immediate response that they deserve regardless of their physical location, as well as opening new markets and business opportunites.

Our commercial department follows a policy of national as well as international collaboration, working each day to create a network of approved Collaborators, Distributors and Consultants, with the help of reputable companies from the sectors in which we specialise in order to implement and distribute all of our products and services, given that it is these companies and their staff that best know their own business markets.

SIRKOM Distribution Network Levels

Based on the characteristics and potential offered by the selected applicants, the degree of commitment and the level of training they want to obtain, three groups or levels of collaboration are established, which we have identified as Collaborators, Consultants and Distributors. These groups are linked directly to different retail profit margins.


This figure requires no training, their contribution consists in identifying potential customers and explaining who we are along with the products and services we can offer them. If the said customer shows some interest, the collaborator will accompany us to make the corresponding introduction.

SIRKOM takes care of:

  • Presenting the product.
  • Carrying out the necessary business negotiations.
  • Drawing up the order or contract.
  • Issuing the invoice.
  • Processing payment.
  • Developing and implementing the contracted modules.
  • Maintenance and after sales support.


The Consultant has the qualifications and skills necessary to deal with the product from the pre-sale stage up to its implementation, and in some cases, when required, to adapt and make the necessary modifications to programs based on the agreements reached with the customer.

All of the administrative processes resulting from the contract or order made with the customer will be handled by the consultant, who will establish the appropriate methods of payment, issue the invoice and collect payment, as well as providing the support and maintenance services for the appliances. SIRKOM will provide the necessary support to the technicians assigned by the Consultant to each project, however it will not provide its services directly to the customer.


The Distributor acts as a representative for SIRKOM, and this is the only figure that has a direct business relationship with SIRKOM, receiving support throughout the whole sales process for the product, from its acquisition to product updates.

This is the reason that we offer the distributors the best terms:

  • Profit margins and discounts of up to 60% No other wholesaler offers our economic conditions Because at SIRKOM we know how to reward those who work with us.
  • Specialised training: We can assist the distributor with the aid of specialist training and courses, as well as a issuing credentials that state they are partners and experts in SIRKOM products.
  • Direct contact: We work together with our partners because we know that we share the same goals.
    This is why we offer you:
    • Business and marketing tools.
    • Access to Demos.
    • Market knowledge.
    • Incentives.
    • Promotional activities for the distributor Motivate and award our distributors with competitive promotions and business incentives.
    • Promotional activities focused on motivating the end customer: We can help our partners’ businesses by creating a demand for our products and equipping them with the tools and advice to boost their sales.
  • AWide range of products: SIRKOM products cover all aspects of new information technologies and communication for individuals and business, regardless of size.
  • Technical support in English, Spanish and German: Presale and After-sale services, to help you even more with our products.
  • Reliability and Prestige: Backed by our experience as market leaders.
  • Media presence: SIRKOM puts a lot of work into advertising its products to its customers to help you when it comes to sell them.
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